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trying again to make a buck with youtube part 2

Although this doesn't surprise me, I ran straight into a brick wall with Google concerning the whole copyright strike nonsense. Not only was I told that it's not possible for me to get in touch with any official Google employee concerning the matter, but YouTube support won't do it, stating my request would be completely ignored. Yes, really.

Gee, thanks.

As of now I've officially given up any hope of ever "going partner" with YouTube. It will never happen and I just have to accept that.

This is officially the third time Google has screwed me over. The first was by losing a full year of my email (hence why I don't use Gmail). The second was by getting my AdSense account fixed to become partner user, only to discover the copyright strikes prevented me from doing so, and at the time being under the impression there was no possible way to ever get the removed. The third is the fact that even though YouTube states that now there is a way to remove them, that literally depends on Google's mood whether that actually happens or not with your account.

I've been a glutton for punishment long enough concerning YouTube. I'll probably still post teaser vids to point to content elsewhere, but that's it. This was my last attempt at making that system work for me.

Right now I'm debating whether to continue using (which I like a lot), Vimeo or start hosting full-length vids on Facebook exclusively. Not sure which to go with yet, but I'll decide soon.

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