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ultimate bachelor food: soup

Since moving to FL my diet has changed quite a bit. I've been experimenting with this/that/the-other-thing in an attempt to find something that I like that doesn't break the bank.

And that something is soup. Soup comes in a ba-zillion different flavors and isn't super-expensive. And it's good for you.

I love soup. 😀

. . .

Here's some stuff I don't eat anymore:

Breakfast Cereal

All cereals are either made from oats or corn. That's it. Nothing else. And it requires copious amounts of milk.


Aside from milk I don't eat dairy. On rare occasion I will have an ice cream sundae, but that's it.


Other than toast there's really nothing good about bread.

Cold cuts

Growing up I basically lived off cold cuts. For a while I was doing the same thing here. Not anymore.

Canned pasta

Although I will eat canned soup (obviously) I won't eat canned pasta like Spaghetti-O's.

. . .

Now some stuff I don't drink anymore:

Dark cola

Be it Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper or any variant thereof, I don't drink it. Gives me instant heartburn and a dull headache later. This counts for the diet stuff too.

Snapple Iced Tea

I get instant heartburn from this stuff too. And its loaded with sugar. And there's nothing non-sugar from Snapple that tastes good at all.


Okay, I will admit I drink coffee - but rarely. These days I drink Mint Tea almost exclusively. That and water and Monster LO-CARB.


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