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unexplainable things (with vehicles)

I have been noticing a disturbing trend. It seems that every time I encounter someone driving a Chevrolet Trailblazer, the driver piloting the vehicle is an absolute moron. Maneuvers such as tailgating, sudden lane changes (without turn signal, of course), sudden starts, stops and the like are all common to anyone who drives this vehicle.

Even though I like GM vehicles, I have absolutely no explanation why Chevy Trailblazer drivers are idiots. I would think Well.. it was just this one guy (or girl). The next one I see will have a decent driver behind the wheel. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Every single time I encounter one of these vehicles on the road, it is guaranteed that the driver is a doofus. It happens so much that when I see one, I stay AS FAR AWAY from it as I can.

If you happen to drive one of these vehicles, I'm not saying you're a bad driver. Seriously, I'm not. However, it's just plain WEIRD that the Trailblazer is the one vehicle I encounter most that breeds the moronic driver.

Can't explain it. If I could, I would.


Florida oddity:

Today, like most days, was 100% beautiful outside in Tampa. Yet I see so many people with sunroofs closed and convertibles with the top up.

You may think Well, maybe it's a girl driver who doesn't want to mess up her hair... Nope. It's not gender specific. There are people who can be seen very regularly, on perfect days, with open-air capable cars, and don't open the car up.

Makes you wonder why they own the car in the first place.

I open my sunroof every single time I drive unless it's raining or too cold. And being that it's almost never cold in Florida, the roof is open almost 100% of the time when driving.


Another Florida oddity:

Picture, if you will, a 4x4 Ford pickup truck. Now imagine it in bright red. Now imagine it with big ol' mudder tires, raised with a suspension lift and body lift. It's big, it's bad and it's ready to go off road.

But it never does.

All the paint, chrome and everything else on the truck is glistening. It is pristine looking. Where is this truck most seen? ON THE HIGHWAY.

I'm not kidding. Huge big-ass trucks with all the off-road capability in the world - and they never go off road. And it can't tow anything either because it's lifted too high.

Makes no sense a'tall.

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