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unintentional bonus (parking nazi part 2)

The apartment complex where I live is one large piece of property with several buildings on it. There are little roads that connect these buildings. Each building has a parking area. On the side of the road where my building is where I park my truck. This is the "good" lot.

Across the road is another apartment building that has its parking area. Almost nobody ever parks there. That's the "bad" (but not really) lot. I, being the good neighbor I am, park the Buick on the bad side so I'm not hogging two spots on the good side. I technically don't have to, but my neighbors are really awesome about parking and I return the favor in kind.

The last time I talked about parking, I described how I really have to watch not to lose my spot.

Last night I wanted to go out and grab a D.D. coffee. I look outside and sure enough the spots on the good lot are filled up. I knew that if I left, some non-resident dolt would grab my spot. But then I thought, Wait a second.. I can take the Buick instead!

And so I did. 🙂

This is something that I didn't even realize until last night. If the spots on the good lot are taken up, I don't have to worry about it anymore. Now I can just walk to the bad lot, take the Buick and drive off without worrying if I'll get my spot back because the truck won't be leaving it. Nobody wants to park in the bad lot anyway, and I don't care which spot I get over there so long as there's one available, which there always is.

Happy day. 😀

What makes the bad lot bad?

Three things.

1. The inlet is weird. If you're coming from the main road, you can turn in easily. If you're coming from the other way, you have to take a really tight U-turn just to get in there. It's a pain in the ass. My Buick can barely make it.

2. Unless you live in the building right next to the lot, it takes twice as long of a walk to get back to your apartment. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but if you're carrying something like groceries, it is.

3. (This is the biggie) Over half this lot is almost completely dark at night. I purposely park on the darkest side of the lot because I know nobody else wants to park there. In comparison, the lot on my side is lit up like a Christmas tree. This is a huge reason why people like to park there.

Here's where the bad lot gets silly:

There is a street light over the bad lot, but foliage from nearby trees blocks the light almost completely. Apartment management could call TECO and have the foliage removed (which I'm sure they'd do without complaint), but there's a problem - the trees look nice. So it all boils down to the question of what's more important, the nice looking trees or the safety of the resident's cars? Being that hardly anybody parks there, the trees win. 🙂

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