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Unleashing the beast.. sort of

Turns out my favorite soda in the world (presently) is one of the most expensive you can buy, Monster Energy. My particular fave is what I simply call "the blue one", otherwise known as LO-CARB.

One day I decided to buy one just to see what the hype was all about. I first tried "the green one", Monster Energy. It was okay. A very pungent scent comes out of the can the second you open it. A lil' weird tasting. Don't ask me to describe the taste, I can't.

I tried the blue one next and man did it taste good. I really liked it. I had absolutely no idea it was being sold as a "lo carb" soda, because I couldn't give a rat's ass about anything labeled as "lo carb" to begin with. Every now and then I will pick up one of these (such as today). Perks me up, tastes great, what more could I ask from a soda. My only complaint is the price, it's about $2.40 a can whereever you go (for real), but you do get 16 oz compared to 12. Big can. As with the green one, don't ask me to describe the taste of this either.. because I can't.

The worst of the three Monster sodas is Assault. Seriously, it's called Assault. This one I can describe the taste of. It's a cherry soda - and it sucks. The taste of this is as bad as the artwork on the can.

As far as my current fave "lo carb" is concerned (the blue one), it tastes really good. And it's true, it does perk you up. One would expect the color of the soda to be blue, right? Wrong. It's gold colored. Kinda weird that a gold soda comes out of a black can with bright blue lettering on it, but whatever, I likes it. 😉

One more thing: Best wallpapers for sodas I've ever seen here and here. Hell.. yeah. 😉

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