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untitled as the day is long

Right now I'm in kind of a "blah" mood, but I like to keep content fresh here as best I can, so here's some random stuph:

Pop is doing well and will be here sometime around the middle of next week. I will be going up to Inverness to help him move into his new house. Right now he's in Massachusetts staying at my sister's place, but soon enough he and his truck will be on the Auto Train headed down this way.

Trains are cool by the way.


The updates for version 2.0.21 are finally available for phpBB. An announcement was made on their site that the update was available, yet I couldn't download it because none of the mirrors had it - but now they do. I've updated and things are running as they should be.


I haven't really found a good car wash around here that I like yet, but this weekend I might seek one out. I like keeping my vehicle clean but right now it's outright filthy. I need to clean both the outside and the inside because it's just nasty.. well.. nasty to me. (grin)

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