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Upload Society is reminiscent of Social 1.0

In late June I found out about this place called Upload Society. So I signed up for an account, then promptly forgot about it.

Yesterday I found this entry in my password manager for this site. Being I totally forgot what the site was about, I loaded it up and logged in. I see this on my profile page there:

(click or tap to enlarge)

I had absolutely no idea anyone had been posting comments on my profile page there. And the reason I hadn't been made aware of it is because I never received any email notifications about it.

I basically live and die by email on the internet. And that means if the whatever-it-is does not send me email notifications, I will most likely never see it. Upload Society really needs to get those email notifications turned on and working.

And just what is Upload Society? Pretty much a reinvention of what I call Social 1.0, which is for all intents and purposes is the best way to go about doing social on the internet.

What is a Social 1.0 site?

It's the same thing as a modern social site without all the "give your life story away" b.s. involved. No requirement to use your real name, no requirement to provide your cell phone number on signup and no off-site authorization (whenever you see something like 'login with Facebook to use this', that's off-site auth).

Comfort zone

Social 1.0 style sites, while quirky, are what people feel most comfortable using because it is a form of what I consider to be healthy escapism.

Most people prefer to keep their online and offline worlds separate. People have enough stuff to deal with in real life, and going online is a way of escaping that crap for a little while behind the glow of a computer display.

True, I don't have a problem using my real name online (duh), but many do and prefer to have a separate identity for their online activities, and this is why sites like Upload Society actually get users that use it.

Whether you use Upload Society or Vidigo Social (I have a profile there also that I just signed up for and yes that site does have email notifications that actually work), yeah, go for it. Social 1.0 sites are cool.

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