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useless internet crap i don't know why i bother keeping

Over the years I've signed up for a lot of free crap on the internet. And now I have this list of just.. stuff.. that's more or less worthless.


I got an "internal server error" when I tried to login to this piece of crap today at least 3 times until it finally let me in. This site is buggy, difficult to use and just plain sucks.

And by the way, there's no option anywhere that states how to delete your account. I had to send them an email to request it. Very crappy.


I hate Facebook. I've always hated Facebook. People say that this is the social utility of the internet right now. It is beyond me why this is, because using the site is asstastic to the level of biblical proportions.

The only reason I even bother keeping a profile there is because periodically I'll get asked:

Them: Durr... got a Facebook?

Me: (grumbling) Yes..

This does save me from the conversation of, "Oh! You don't have a Facebook? It's AWESOME! I can show you how to use it if you like!"

No, no.. that's quite all right, thank you. Here's my profile address, add me as a friend/buddy/whatever.. I don't care.


Believe it or not, MySpace with its updated interface is way, way better than using Facebook. But unfortunately it's too little/too late and most people jumped ship to the piece of crap known as Facebook.

I have no idea why I keep a MySpace profile. I've dumbed mine down because I never use it - and I can guarantee my profile is the most barebones you've ever seen.


This site was something where everyone was saying !!THIS IS IT!! for a while but now nobody gives a crap anymore. I've never given a crap about it. Yes I have a profile.


No clue why I have this. I don't even remember signing up for it, yet I do have a profile. The only reason I know I had one is because that site sent me a reminder email saying "Hey you haven't logged in here in a ba-zillion years.. WASSUP?!"


I'm member #514 on that site.. like that matters.

This is yet another one of those Ning crap-sites like Vloggerheads (also Ning-powered). I would close the account but the link to do it is buried somewhere and I don't feel like looking for it.

This site is just like Twitter (which I do use) except it sucks. I have a profile there, but I never use it. The seven-month-ago posts there should be indicative of that. I logged into it today to close the account but (of course) could not find out where to do this.


I originally joined this site because I wanted to start a group (photo related) but there was too much b.s. involved so I said fuggit. I don't know why I still bother having a profile there. Will probably close this one out too.


This is a place for live stream broadcasting. The interface sucks and the site is chock full of browser-crashing goodness because it's just too heavy. Signed up originally for work purposes but otherwise never login to it as you can tell by my profile there.


Another live stream broadcasting site. Signed up for this for the same reason as Mogulus, that being for work purposes. Got a profile there too.


This is a photo sharing site. I uploaded a whopping 4 photos to this thing before saying screw it and going to Flickr instead.


This site has always sucked. The way it updates blog "popularity" simply doesn't work nor is it accurate at all. In addition it's notoriously slow and buggy. However, back in the day it was the site for all things blogs which is why I signed up there to begin with. But not so much anymore. Got the standard profile, of course.


This is probably the crappiest video sharing site out of the lot. All it contains is a few videos from my YouTube channel. This is another one I'll probably close out eventually.


Only slightly better (but not by much) than Viddler, this one suffers from a ridiculous interface with no underlined links and hidden menu options (you have to know to hover over the "me" menu option just to find the logout link).


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