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Vacation time

As of today I am officially on vacation for a few days. I believe I've earned it and thensome. Over the past few months I've been dealing some crap here and there, so the chance to relax a bit is more than welcome.

Since I got some time to write, here's what's been going on. Granted, most of this stuff is probably boring to most, but most people's lives are and you've got nothing better to do than read my crap anyway. 🙂 So...

This week (actually, last week) I've made the decision to never host a web site for anyone ever again. On reflection, I think I've officially hosted sites for about 5 people in the past. Only one has never screwed me, all the rest have. There is one site left that I am hosting. After the 31st of this month, it's off my server. Then from here on out, it's my stuff only. If someone wants to host a site they can reg the domain and pay for it themselves.

I've discovered a new old game that a co-worker introduced me to: Birth of the Federation. It's a Star Trek game. Very cool, I'm addicted to it. I don't know what year it was made but it is an older game. It's an old-school "turn style" strategy game. I like it a lot. The only problem with the game is that it's a known issue that it crashes on Windows XP constantly. However I've downloaded a few patches and things seem to be working okay now. I will be playing a *lot* of BoTF during my vacation. (grin)

My stupid Wahl hair trimmer's battery kicked the bucket. It's got one of those stupid batteries that's custom to it and you can't replace the gaddam thing. So I had to go to Wal-Mart and buy another one. 25 bucks wasted in my opinion, because there should have been some place (other than contacting Wahl just to get a stupid battery which would have been more trouble than it's worth,) just to get one. To those who would ask "Why own a hair trimmer?" Well, first of all, the ones on the back of Norelco's (the 3-head type) positively suck ass. They don't cut anything without tearing your face apart. Secondly, a true trimmer is good for sideburns and hair in other places.. use your imagination there. Girls who read that get excited. Guys who read that get disgusted, thinking to themselves "Dude, I did not need to know that." Either way, I don't care. The fact of the matter is that girls don't like to encounter a mangled forest in the nether regions, 'nuff said.

The laptop is still running great, and speaking of which, my sister received hers. That one is also running great. Speaking of computers, having a 100% wireless setup is completely a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I can't understand why I didn't do this sooner. My only complaint so far is that when I'm transferring files to/from my file server, there is a noticable difference in speed. Little pauses here and there due to wireless latency. Kinda sucks. Other than that, no complaints. Everything else is working great.

I am entertaining the idea of getting an older Laserjet 4 Plus as I mentioned earlier, but I need to save up a few bucks before I can do that. Because my laptop has Bluetooth, I will be able to make it wireless with this thing. Alternatively I could just hook the printer up to the file server and network print it that way... but then I would have to keep the printer close to the computer and have this big honkin' printer cable. I'm thinking it might be worth the 67 bucks (price of the thing I just linked) to do it. An HP LJ 4 is the type of printer I'm talking about. True, an HP LJ 4 is old. Real old, but, for personal use they never, ever break. And you can print thousands of perfect laser quality prints before the thing even begins to run out of toner. Refurbished toner is cheap, too. Furthermore, if my LJ breaks, there are lots of local techs that can fix it. There are only four major things that break on LaserJets, and the standard maintenance kit will fix them 99% of the time.

I am trying to sell my old 1987 S-10 black truck. I currently have an ad out. I've gotten maybe 7 calls on it. They all say the same thing, it's either "Okay I'll call you back when I'm ready to look" or "I'll call you [this day] when I'm ready to see it" - and nothing happens. At this point, whoever calls next I'm just going to tell them "Listen, it's $1200 bucks. I will be here Saturday.." and see what they say. If nothing, I won't bother. I'm sick of people stating they will do something and then not do it, that's a complete waste of my time.

Okay, 'nuff for now. 😉


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