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vertigo update

A small while ago I just drove back from Pop's. The trip was uneventful which was good. I feel much better today than I did yesterday (mostly due to the fact I'm not freaking out now). What I'm doing now is lying down slowly and everything is a-okay when I do that, so hopefully things will continue on that track. The heavy-headed feeling is mostly gone and that's a huge relief.

I have a strong feeling that the reason my vertigo happened in the first place was because I drank a massive amount of energy drinks. My favorite was Monster Lo-Carb. I drank at least a can of that a day, sometimes three. And as I recently found out there is a warning printed on every can of that stuff. Look for it, it's there. It says to drink more than a certain amount per day and I'm very sure I was going over that amount.

Why didn't I notice the warning before? Well, who looks for a warning on a can of soda (seriously)? Guess I have to start reading labels more.

Anyway, I'm done with that stuff. No more energy drinks for me.

And by the way, I have discovered what has to be the worst soda of all time. Mountain Dew "Revolution". I figured I'd try a bottle of it. It was good. Then I read the label. 76 GRAMS OF SUGAR. That is INSANE. Now I don't think it's good.

And Diet Mountain Dew? That tastes good too. But oh, the aspartame... ugh.. guess that's out too.

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