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vintage software treasure trove found

In my recent vintage Windows adventures I found a treasure trove 16-bit software on the internet. It's a very obscure university FTP server in Germany that basically has every single app anyone ever used back in the Windows 3.1 days. Most of the file dates are over a decade old meaning it's probably true the server is at least that age or older.

As I write this I'm downloading every single file from the 16-bit folder, and then will push to USB stick afterward. It's close to 4,500 files worth of stuff and I've download 450MB so far. By the time it's done it will probably be close to 3GB or slightly more.

I have to admit it floors me that so much stuff can be easily put to a storage medium that fits in the palm of your hand with room to spare. Oh, how times have changed.

When I say this FTP server is a treasure trove, I'm not kidding because this server has files and utilities that are nowhere else on the internet, all of which are very neatly categorized for easy pickings. Someone took a lot of time to put all this stuff back together all those years ago.

I'm not giving the link out to the server because if vintage PC buffs knew about this place, they'd down the server from flooding it with traffic. Like I said above, it's probably a good bet the server is well over a decade old. It's sitting there, in a university server room somewhere, most likely buried amongst many other servers. It's old, cold and forgotten - but still running - and I'm grabbing every single vintage file I can from it.

Why, Rich, why?

Yes, why indeed.

My reason for archiving all this stuff is because one day I intend to put together a PC just like I had from my childhood - however all of that means absolutely nothing if you don't have the software to make it work.

On eBay it's easy to find vintage computers, but what is exceedingly difficult to locate is the software. eBayers can't sell old software because of licensing issues, so the end result is that while you have all the hardware in your vintage setup, you have no software. Think of it like having a Nintendo Entertainment System but no games. Sure, the NES works but without games it's useless.

When the time comes that I have the room to put together that vintage setup, now I know I'll have the software ready for it.

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