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Today I went to the Wal-Mart SuperCenter for some supplies. I got a microwave, a cheap pot/pan set, some pasta, butter, milk, paper towels, a bathmat and some other stuff. This evening I had my first hot meal which was Price Penne pasta with Ragu Old World Style sauce. It was really good and I have leftovers in the fridge for later. Believe it or not it's nice having leftovers.

I realized something today. Cooking is a lot cheaper than getting fast food. A Subway foot-long turkey sub costs about $5.50 alone, meaning no chips or drink. My box of pasta was seventy-eight cents, the sauce was a little under two bucks. The sub can give me two small meals. The box of pasta can give me three medium sized meals. It's one of those eye-opener things when you realize how much fast food costs and how little you get from it.

At the SuperCenter there were two little yard apes accompanied by parents watching close by.

"Excuse me, sir, would you like to give to the [insert youth sport name here] fund?"


Parents can be heard grumbling as I walk in the door.


They didn't say it, but that's what they were thinking.

Yep. Gotta love that.

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