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warmer (finally)

For the past week it's been cold here in Tampa Bay - until today. Today was when it finally warmed up. The high was in the upper 60s. Tomorrow and for the next week or so (and most likely beyond) we're going to have mid-70s highs and high 50s lows.

I learned over this past week yet again how much of an impact weather has on me. I hate cold. No, really. I hate cold. With a passion. If I have to deal with it for more than say, five minutes, I start feeling bitter at the world. That's how much it bothers me.

Earlier this afternoon I was so happy to be able to run out and get a D.D. coffee without having to wear a jacket. I looked at my thermometer, the temp was 68, I smiled, grabbed my keys, went to my truck, opened the sunroof and off I went.

I don't take the sun for granted here in Florida. I darn near worship it. And I'm happy to have it back.

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