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Warmer weather a welcome change

There has been absolutely no snow since this week started, and for that I am thankful. According to the weekly forecast there is no snow in sight. Thank God for that, too. I, like everyone else I know, am absolutely SICK of this GADDAM SNOW.

Sure, us New Engladers are used to snow. It happens every year. It only tends to tick people off (yours truly included) when it drags on and on and on. As soon as you get a little break in the snow action, -wham-, another foot of white crap is dumped on the ground... over and over again.

Everyone is..




I am, too.

When my birthday comes 'round I am hoping it will be a nice sunny day. Even if the air is cold, I don't care. I just want some sun. Maybe some nice fluffy clouds, too. Maybe a nice big titted stripper could stop by and make my b-day worthwhile and.. sorry, got a little too ahead of myself there.

Anyway, I think I deserve that much. Everyone's birthday should be a sunny day in my opinion. Hooray for sun.

Speaking of my b-day, I want only one thing this year. I want happiness. It's not that I'm overly depressed now or anything, but to be happy, for the whole day, would be the best gift of all.

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