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wasted day

I spent more or less the entire day in Inverness today waiting for the Buick to arrive as it was scheduled to arrive today.

It didn't.

The driver, as he put it, got "hung up" in Mississippi - so it will be arriving tomorrow at Pop's house.

I will not be there to see it arrive.

All of this ticks me off. A lot.

The end result is this:

My job is more important than that car. My boss, God bless him, was gracious enough to let me take this day to see the Buick's safe arrival - only to not have it show up.

I am teeming with anger about this and am borderline furious. What ticks me off the most is that the driver DID NOT NOTIFY me he wouldn't be here today - even though he said he would. Had I not had Pop call the driver, he most likely would have never bothered to tell us he couldn't make it today.

The Buick will (hopefully) arrive in Inverness tomorrow, but I won't be there. I'll be here.

I'll probably go to see her on Saturday.

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