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wearing the answer to life


Cliff Clavin said the answer to life is comfortable shoes. He might have been on to something.

Further driving home the fact I'm fast turning into a true-blue Floridian, I bought a pair of sandals. Many folks 'round these parts wear these things. They are super-comfy, easy to slip on and off and can be worn all year.

I had to try out at least eight pairs before I found a pair that fit correctly. You would think that sandals fit a whole lot easier than sneakers. Well, not in my case. But I did at least find some that fit properly.

One last thing I'll mention: Sandals are not Crocs. You'll never catch me wearing a pair of those frog-feet things.


Eighty-three cents

Recently I bought a copy of Motor Trend magazine. Price: $6.99 before tax. I'm not kidding.

Of the several card inserts in the magazine, you can order a year subscription for...

Ten bucks.

This translates to 83ยข per magazine.

I should have never bought the magazine off the rack. Would have been easier just to take a card insert and subscribe.

Maybe that was their evil plan all along...

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