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We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all.

The title of this post is a line from a DVD I bought recently, The Breakfast Club. This is one of those movies that sends different messages to you depending on your age when you watch it.

The last time I watched this move in its entirety was probably more than a decade ago.

TBC is a master film in my eyes and I learned a few things about it now that I didn't know before - the most impressive being it was shot in sequence. This means all the scenes were shot the same way as you watch it. That is an extreme rarity in filmmaking. Very impressive.

The cool thing about watching it this time 'round is that I watched it as a movie and not as a nostalgia trip.

If you remember the movie when new, brace yourself: It was released in 1985, the same year as Back to the Future, which was 23 years ago.


The movie still kicks ass however; it rules the school. Literally. 🙂

. . .

There is part of me, as with everyone, that remembers high school. Some of us remember it with fond memories while others hated it.

For me that time it seems like a blur now. I don't particularly remember it fondly but I didn't hate it either.

Speaking on the social front during that time (early 90s for me) I can say this:


During the early 90s the kids, including yours truly, really didn't know what to make of music back then. It was weird. Metallica was topping the charts as was Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.

There was also this really weird-ass "industrial" style of music that took form. It never really went anywhere and everyone pretty much forgot about it.

That's about all I can say about early 90s music.


No one knew whether to be glam or bum. Glam was out but bum wasn't exactly in either because it looks stupid. What I do remember is that all the girls stopped wearing big hair and went completely flat and nasty looking.

It was not a good time.


There were only 2 cars I knew that made a splash in the 90s, the Miata and the Viper. For trucks the Chevy 454 SS made a quick appearance in 1990. Everything else pretty much sucked because the SUV craze came in like a tidal wave and that was the new mom-mobile.

The "Where did everything go?" attitude

There were a lot of people that were really depressed the 80s died so harshly. That decade died almost as fast as disco of the 70s did.

Today the 80s is seen as a cool-ass decade because it was. But back in the early 90s it definitely was NOT. No one wanted anything to do with it. It seemed everyone was just looking around desperately trying to figure out what was going on and not succeeding.

It literally wasn't until the internet came around in the late 90s where things started getting back to normal - as in people started getting happy again. From '91 until '95 life was pretty darned crappy.

. . .

Back to the present

I'm an 80s kid. Yes I know I was in my teens for five years in the 90s ('90 thru '95) but I'm all 80s and no one can tell me different.

Here in 2008 I'm feeling pretty good about myself, where I am and where I'm going.

I'm very happy to admit I left all that early 90s crap behind.

I'm also happy because for whatever reason more girls in their early 20s think I'm a "good catch".

Hey, I'm not complaining. 🙂


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