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What if you won?

There's a reason why I never talk about politics. Several reasons, actually. But one of the biggies is that for every blowhard out there who thinks he or she has all the answers, there's one question they can never answer.

What if you won?

Here's what that question means:

It means that your specific idea(s) would come to fruition concerning how this United States is run. Everything you wanted to happen would happen.

Sounds great, right?

Don't be so sure.

People are very quick to demand things but cower in fear when asked to take responsibility for those demands, should people agree with them.

Let's say you had what you thought was a great idea. And then it happened. You won.

Afterward the people said to you, "Okay, smart-ass, you tell us what to do now. It was your idea. Let's make this work."

I can guarantee that you'd be the most hated man or woman in town in record time. Your grand idea would fail miserably because you have absolutely no idea what it's like to deal with a mob that is pulling you in every direction.

It is so easy to demand things, but it's a completely different scenario to be the guy or girl people look upon to make that idea actually work.

"But my idea is good. It involves people working together."

That's your first mistake right there because you have to assign committees and supervisors, meaning you have to assign specific people responsibilities. Guess what happens after that. People will say you're corrupt and giving yourself and the people you appointed too much power.

"No, no.. that wouldn't happen."

Yes, it would. Count on it.

My father being the smart man he is once said, "Success can kill you."

The next time you say your government is doing something "wrong", do you have a solution for the problem? Would you be able to lead people without getting yourself lynched in the process? Do you have the leadership skills to make your ideas actually work?

I'll answer that for you: No, no and no. Your success would kill you and then you'll wish you never opened your mouth in the first place.

Unless you have a solution to what you think is wrong, and can lead people to make whatever was wrong right again, shut the hell up.

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