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What time is it? 4:30!

I don't like time zones at all. They're annoying. On the East coast of the USA there is the added annoyance of Daylight Savings Time. Fortunately in Connecticut we only have one time zone w/DST. It's a good thing I don't live in Indiana, they have three (EST with Daylight Savings, EST without Daylight Savings and CST).

On a world basis, there are times zone for continents, North America, Australia, Europe.

..and let's not forget military time zones. Small note: Connecticut is in the Romeo military time zone... I think? "Romeo", by the way, is the NATO phonetic pronouncation of the letter R.

It's enough to drive you up a wall.

There should be a way to abolish all these damn zones and just go by one world time, period. Does it exist?


"Internet time" was introduced on October 23, 1998. This method of time is not too hard to understand. Instead of hours and minutes, a day is calculated using 1000 "beats". A good calculator is here.

There are no zones. Everything revolves around one standard of measuring time. I think it's positively brilliant. Again, read this for a better explanation.

The coolest part: Watches are available that display internet time. I want one. 😉

Will Internet Time ever rule over traditional? Probably not... it makes too much sense. (grin)

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