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When I'm 37

I finally laid down the boom and did a five-year renewal registration for menga dot net. It will not expire until 2012. That year is a world away right now. Who the hell knows what will happen by then.

Before I get into future predictions (grin), over the years I've registered a lot of domains. Tons of them. Some I registered for music projects, some for business things and some for "sounded like a good idea at the time" reasons. But through it all I've always had this one. This was the first domain I ever registered way back in 1999.

Back in '99.. wow.. domains were a lot harder to register. The only domain registrar was InterNIC, now known as Network Solutions (Side note: I now use Dotster for everything concerning domain stuff. Use them, they're awesome). You had to use this asinine registration form which was nothing short of frustrating to fill out. When done and submitted, it sometimes took over a week for any domain to get "live" with the internet. If you wanted an actual online presence with a domain back then you really had to work at it. In addition to that it was very easy to "lose" your domain if you didn't -exactly- follow InterNIC's instructions on how to register and keep your domain registered. You really had to stay on top of that stuff.

Nowadays domain reg's are easy as pie. Easier, actually. Pick a registrar, find a name that's avaialable, buy it, get it hosted, and you're done. Not only is it easy but it's cheap. A one-year registration fee back then was $35.00. Now it's under ten bucks at some registrars.

I find that doing the five-year registration is a bit on the comical side, because seriously, will there even be dot-com's in the future? Right now everyone is accustomed to TLD's (that's "top level domain" by the way). Everything on the internet is accessed by whatever-it-is dot com (or net/org/whatever). In the future it may not be like that at all. Everything may be accessed by keywords only without the need for a TLD.

Will the internet get to this point five years from now?

Guess we'll have to wait.

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