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whenever you need someone to lay your heart and head upon

Title of this entry comes from a song by a band with a guitarist who has over 2000 guitars. Seriously.

There are times when you'll get a communication from the internet o'er yonder that will just stop you in your tracks. I received one of these communications today.

This is unedited and 100% real.

I just sort of found your website by mistake. but I'm glad I did. I've had a pretty rough week and needed something to take my mind off an illness we are all facing in my family, and your website was just what I needed. You are incredibly gifted and I enjoyed so much looking at all your photography and your music is SO beautiful. You have a great future ahead of you Rich, and in many ways you are doubly blessed. You have the talent to make it in the music/art industry but more than that, your gifts bring people so much joy. It's a good thing to get to the end of your life and say you accomplished something and had a great career, but it's something else altogether to say that you brought a smile to the hearts of so many along the way.

I replied:

I'm trying to find the words to express my gratitude for yours but cannot find them. I honestly do not know what to say except thank you. Obviously a simple 'thank you' does not even begin to say how truly thankful I am to receive an e-mail like this.

No matter what professional accolades I may receive, letters like yours are the ones that count the most. There is no doubt in my mind of that.

Again, thank you. And best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Honestly, no words I could write could express the joy I felt when I read that e-mail.


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