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where i should be in slumber

It's 2:48am as I begin to write this. I should be in bed, but I'm at my Pop's house instead.

At 10:30pm yesterday I headed to Tampa Int'l Airport to pick up my sister. We didn't leave until around 11pm. Part of the reason is because TPA conveniently closed off the red side (there's a red side and a blue side) unloading-only entrance. So I had to lap around the place a few times before finally saying screw it and went to the loading-only entrance instead. Hey, it's not like a had a choice. Anyway, I was able to pick up sis and we headed out.

The trip up North to Inverness was uneventful. No complaints.

I decided to do up a load of laundry while here at Pop's. I figured I might as well. The dry cycle is doing its thing at the moment. Once finished, I will fold clothes and head out.

Right now I'm watching HGTV to pass the time. I'm watching this show called Buy Me. It's okay. Nothing special.

When I head back to Tampa in a short while, I'll be driving re-e-e-eally slowly. 🙂 No rush.

No rush a'tall. 🙂 I'll be okay as long as I take my time, stay awake and alert.

-- update --

I'm home. It's 4:51am, I can barely type this, and I'm goin' to bed.

Now. 🙂

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