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Why I don't post to Reddit or Digg

The two hot sites of the moment for posting "what's cool now" stuff are Reddit and Digg, in that order. Digg just had a major redesign, which of course led it to being spammed like crazy, leading many to believe that the site is ultimately going to be major-media-territory-only. When that happens (and it will), it will be nothing more than a spammy mess. Actually, it already is a spammy mess, now that I think about it.

Of course, biz-savvy techies ((heart)) Digg a lot because, well, it's a free way to spam. They of course will call it "marketing". Um.. no. Spam is spam. Calling it that M-word doesn't make it right.

Basically speaking the only site worth posting to that isn't going down the crapper is Reddit. However I don't post there and won't. The reason is because most "Redditors" only care about scoring system points (or karma) and nothing more - and I'm not in the business at all of trying to get a bigger e-Penis. Nerd cliques annoy me to no end, and Reddit is nothing but cliques, if not one big clique.

I will give credit where it's due - Reddit comments are much more tolerable because of their scoring system and the fact its community pounces anyone who trolls to a quick, swift e-Death. This is not to say that Reddit is free of trolls, because there are plenty on there, but the point is that the likelihood of one staying on the top of the charts for very long is slim at best. Reddit does prove that when you have a strong community, it can police itself quite well without the need for Draconian measures.

I will also give credit to the fact you can sign up for a Reddit account without an email address, and that's a rare thing these days. How long that will last I have no idea, but it seems to be working well for them thus far.

Speaking of working, Digg at the time I write this isn't:


Thaaaat's.. juuuust.. ducky..


It's more than an axle that broke. Of that I'm sure of.

Anyway, if you want to score a bigger e-Penis, go post on Reddit. If you want to spam, go to Digg.

I don't do either of those things, so I don't use either site. Read them, yes, but post to them? No way.

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