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Why me.. part 2 (or ''What not to say to a customer'')

Read part 1 then come back here.

Done? Good.

I got a voice mail today from the mag I complained about in part 1. They left this voice mail, take a listen.

1) I, like everyone else, work for a living. They are closed before I get home, so I can't call.

2) Note that they still couldn't answer my question as to why I couldn't post a b2b ad.

3) Sounds fishy, doesn't it? Why can't they answer a really simple question, which is: Why can't I post a b2b ad online? Where's this stupid SUBMIT button they keep talking about that doesn't exist?

4) Yep, you heard it right. The lady said "I'm not going to reply back to your e-mail". Nice. Real nice. And funny. On their own web site, they state themselves that e-mail is the preferred method of contact. For those who know the site, head on over to the FAQ - it's right there in black and white.

Did I send them a nastygram? You betcha. At this point I laid down the gauntlet. I have some "credits" that I paid for (but haven't used) on this site. I basically told them to either a) Answer the question or b) REFUND my credits. Simple as that.

It's going to be interesting how this one turns out. It would seem that no one over there has the first damn clue what they're doing if they can't answer a really, REALLY simple question.

Some additional notes on this: I have read their b2b FAQ's up and down, backwards and forwards. I read every single word. I re-checked (although I didn't have to) my browsers again. Nowhere does it explain how to post a b2b ad. Nowhere. It is simply a poorly written FAQ.

The only possible hint as to how to post a "business classified", which is different from a b2b is that you have to post a business ad in bold - but that doesn't explain how a b2b ad is posted because it's in a completely different section.

As I said.. we'll see how this turns out. It'll be interesting.


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