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Why me.. part 5 (or ''Yes, it really was your damn fault'')

(part 4)

We last left our hero (yours truly) still trying to convince the veep of internet operations that the reason the b2b submit button did not exist was because of the web site's fault. Our hero used his secret weapon and sent screen shots from LINUX proving once and for all it was the web site - AND NOT WINDOWS - that was the culprit..

(insert dramatic music here..)

Success! The veep is finally convinced that it in fact IS his stupid web site's fault. I received this e-mail today:

Thank you for all your time, patience and assistance. We have isolated the issue and it is resolved. When you first attempt to post a b2b ad, our guidelines pop-up and you must agree to them. Somehow, in your situation, your answer was not recorded (yes or no) and it interfered with it attempting to show you the guidelines again. This issue is now resolved. I appreciate your perseverance and have given you a complimentary four week subscription for all your help. Have a great day and should you have anyfurther difficulties, please let me know.

Grace and Peace be with you,

Well I'll be. The guy finally FIGURED OUT it was his damn fault - as it was all along, and I knew that.

This took a grand total of about two damn weeks to get this guy to admit his site was at fault.

Couldn't care less about the "complementary subscription". The fact of the matter is: I WAS RIGHT. Boo-yah.


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