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wide turns

I will now impart a few of my driving tips and observations to the masses.

florida rainy-day glare

Driving in Florida rain is a bit different compared to the north. At first I couldn't figure out why but I think I've got a good idea of why it acts the way it does now.

When slow-moving drizzle-style rain comes thru the region it causes the entire sky to have a light shade of gray. This reflects off the ground and the water flying thru the air, and that makes for poor visibility at best.

Today was one of those days and I usually avoid highways entirely because the reflecting off the road is pretty bad.

In the north the rain clouds are a lot darker and patchy, but not here. There aren't any breaks in the rain clouds and it's just one big mass. Definitely takes getting used to.

turn wide, drive safer

Pretty much ever since I started driving I've made a practice of making wide turns whenever I have the room to. The reason I starting doing it is because I noticed no one else was. I noticed that every time someone turned anywhere they would always turn tight and usually dip into the other lane when doing so. This always, without fail, puts you in danger for two reasons:

  1. You cut into the other lane (as in the lane with opposite traffic coming).
  2. You run the risk of hitting stuff (such as a median, signs, etc) in the middle between the lanes.

So like I said I make a practice of turning wide. I can't count many times this has saved my ass and how many other times I've seen people get slammed (literally) but cutting a turn tight.

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