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wild child

I got a blast from the past which to date is the oldest contact yet: An e-mail from an ex-girlfriend I last knew almost 14 years ago. Yes this a girl I used to know before my 20s and has now found me at 33.

We traded a few e-mails, then traded phone numbers, then spoke yesterday on the phone. Very cool. She remembered quite a bit about me. During the conversation I remembered things about her too. It was interesting, it was ultra-nostalgic and it was surreal to speak with someone that I last knew when I was a teen (and so was she).

She also holds the distinction of being a girl I met online - but not via internet. Via BBS. Talk about old-school. "Wild Child" was her handle.

Something she said to me really hit a chord. She asked if I got married and all that. I said that I didn't but I still look pretty decent. She said yeah, that's why I still look decent and guys who don't settle down don't get fat.

That made me think for a moment. I guess I really haven't ever settled down. And when will I? I have no idea.


The best part about chatting with her is that she was really nice to me and I really needed that right now. I've been in the dumps concerning dating recently and my opinion of women soured. But then I get a call, I am told things in kind and yeah, it put a smile on my face combined with a lot of warm feelings.

Her words said to me "Rich, all girls are not bad." This is true. She's not bad at all. Never was.

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