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windows 7 on netbook = perfection

Okay, maybe not perfection but darn close. 🙂

So I finally found a way to install Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron mini 10v using a USB stick alone without the need for an optical drive. It was scary at first because I didn't know if it was actually going to work or not.

Windows 7 works better than I could have possibly imagined. The installation went thru flawlessly. Driver updates worked. Nothing broke. I am shocked at how well this runs on a 1.6GHz CPU with only 1GB of RAM. It even supports the Aero interface.

Wow. Just wow.

In addition to that, my battery now lasts longer because I have better power management features, the sound is clearer and crisper (don't ask me how that happened but it did), the display has more options in concert with the Intel GMA program and well, the whole computer just runs better.

I am completely XP-less at this point. The only XP I have now is in a virtual session on my big box PC. And to be honest I don't even need it.

I was concerned that this netbook wouldn't be "enough computer" to run 7. Boy, was I wrong. This thing runs it just fine with its provided hardware. I don't need to upgrade a thing.

If that weren't good enough, I also now have more usable screen space because of the way Win 7 has its menus laid out for applications.

I like this so much that yes, I'm probably going to buy another license of Windows 7 upgrade just for this netbook. It runs that good.

Windows 7 just continue to blow me away with what it can do. This is nothing short of incredible.

Proof I'm using it on the netbook:



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