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Windows 7 upgrade crapola geekery

Today I've been doing the OH-SO FUN AND AWESOME (sarcasm) upgrade of my Windows from Win 7 RC to Win 7 Home Premium. I decided to stay 32-bit. More on that in a moment.

Because I was running Win 7 RC Ultimate Edition, the upgrade does not permit and upgrade from Ultimate to Home Premium. So I had to reinstall Windows all over again.

Frickin' bleah.

I have it fully installed at this point and am now reinstalling all my apps. Currently I'm downloading OpenOffice, and that's a big ol' download so I'm taking a few minutes to write this.

Fortunately I found a way to get a quick list of all my installed apps on my previous Windows before installing the new one. This is an article that will be appearing on PCMech on Monday, so watch for that. This will probably be the fastest Windows OS transition I've ever done because of that, along with the fact Win 7 installs so frickin' fast it's ridiculous - but in a really good way.

Strangely, the upgrade process did not ask me for my XP CD to validate the upgrade. I had my disc and my old product key ready and was waiting for it, but never required me to prove I had XP.. so that was weird. But whatever. I validated my Home Premium copy online and there were no nastygrams from the Microsoft servers. Maybe it's a fluke. Who knows. All I know is that yes, I'm 100% legal so if the OS decides to do anything wonky on me validation-wise, I'll get Microsoft on the horn and validate manually that way (which I have had to do once before and it was fairly painless.)

Okay so as far as the 32-bit thing goes, here's the deal with that.

I do champion 64-bit computing. But from my research over the past few days, well more than half of the stuff I use has no 64-bit offerings whatsoever and there are no plans they will be around any time soon. And being that the 64-bit edition of Win 7 is more memory hungry (which it is as evidenced by the fact that you need double the minimum amount of RAM compared to the 32-bit version,) I'd basically be going 64-bit for nothing. Running 32-bit apps in a 64-bit environment is nothing but a bottleneck, and when combined with the fact it's going to take at least a year (if not longer) before all the app developers catch up, using 64-bit Windows at present is pointless.

There are some geeks out there who get a raging boner over the fact they're running 64-bit Windows.

Big. Frickin'. Whoop.

Nobody cares, and neither do I. I use my PC for work and not as a geek's plaything. And to do that work, 32-bit is the preferred architecture because it runs things best, period. Blab away all you want that I'm not forward-looking to the future. I don't give a crap. By the time 64-bit computing is the standard I'll just buy a new PC then. What-frickin'-ever. Shaddup.

Anyway, back to my app installing..

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