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word from the gen-x guy

Sometimes I wonder what generation I exactly fall in to. One who was born in the middle of a decade (1975 for me) has a tough time figuring that out.

It would seem that I'm in Generation X. That generation is defined as being born between 1964 and 1980.

Some may ask "Why the X?" It's because no one could put a label on that generation, so the generic X was used.

. . .

Gen-X folks were the first people to heavily use the internet, and before that we used BBS.

Today's younger generation thinks X folks are nothing but old farts.

Some say today's gen (born between 1986 to 1994) is the new "Me" generation. I don't think so. A more appropriate title would be Generation Zero.

Why zero?

Sounds like a bunch of zeroes to me!

Hey, if the shoe fits..

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