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wordpress 2.3 upgrade / quit smoking update

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.3 and noticed two things:

1. The image headlines plugin stopped working.

Fortunately a fix was posted in the comments for the plugin. And it works.

2. Faster.

Overall performance seems to be better. Stuff appears to be loading faster now, and that's good.

Not much else. Everything appears to be working like it's supposed to.

. . .

As far as my attempt to quit smoking is concerned, it's actually going well.

My method of quitting smoking is working. Who would have thought something as simple as a memo pad and a pen would do the trick? I suppose it does.

Pop has also taken to marking every time he lights up in his memo pad.

Neither of us had any mood swings, anger fits, "nic" fits or anything like that. This way of quitting is the most humane and doesn't shock your system at all.

For those interested in the numbers:

On my worst day during the first week I smoked 37 cigarettes. That's almost two packs.

On my second week, my worst day was 28 cigarettes (less than 1½ packs.) How was I able to cut so many out after one week? That's easy to explain - physically writing down how many cigs you smoke purposely makes you stop and think to the tune of Do I really need this right now? The answer is usually no.

So yeah, it's going well.

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