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words telling you now of my state

Title of this entry is a lyric from the greatest heavy metal song of all time (and if you said "No, it isn't", you'd be wrong).


Bigger is better

For the first time in many moons, my laptop is sitting in the corner, turned off. I'm using the big box computer instead. She's running very smoothly so far. I got just about everything I need installed on it. Anyone who's seen my personal setup knows I use a ton of applications. My taskbar is chock full of lil' icons.

The beast still lives

I'm using a 17" Sony LCD monitor that has definitely seen better days, however it's actually working quite well considering all the crap it's been thru. While other Sony products seem to suck, the S73 monitor is definitely a trooper.

Because it's still chuggin' along, I won't be getting the 20-inch monitor. This is way bigger than my 13-inch tv and I can live with it. Once I add on a tv tuner to the big box, it will also serve as my television. Then I can retire the lil' tv.


My boss was nice enough to give me a USB phone (thanks Dave). I specifically wanted it to try out Skype. So I did. It works. Very well. So well I signed up for three months of service for twelve bucks (and yes that's all it costs). Called Pop with it. Works awesome.

Drawbacks: Has to use the Skype client from a computer. It's not like Vonage where you don't need a computer to use it. However, since I'm on the computer all the time anyway, it fits what I need it for.

Skype also has this promotion going on right now where you can call anyone in the USA for free until the end of the year. Cool. 🙂


I bought a set of ten-dollar Altec Lansing speakers from Wal-Mart today for the big box. They're little things, but just the right size for my desk. It has been so long since I've had a real set of speakers. Up until now I've been using the laptop ones which are small, chintzy and well.. just bad.

In all seriousness, these lil' speakers sound darn good. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need wireless speakers, subwoofer or any of that other crapola.


Being that the big box is back in action and I have the laptop on the side, I don't really have a need for my spare Dell Latitude (laptop) any longer, so... I'm considering selling it in December. It's in A-1 mint shape, has it's own Dell bag, extra batteries, etc. Definitely worth at least $300. If I bundle it up with a wireless USB stick (which I have), it'll possibly grab $350.. maybe? I dunno.

Guess I'll have to think about that one. It really is a decent unit, albeit a bit on the slow side.

think think think.... 🙂


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