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Works with Netscape 4.08!

Netscape used to be my favorite browser a long time ago. Back when the browser wars were in full swing, I was a hardcore Netscape user. I absolutely refused to use Internet Exploder Explorer. I still hate using IE and am a Firefox nut now, but that's not the point. My Netscape flavor of choice was v4.08 "Browser Only" version. It was small and light. Worked great. I also used that browser to "bench test" all my web design, because I knew if a site worked in Netscape 4.08, it would work anywhere.

One thing that absolutely astonishes me is that still works (to this day!) with Netscape 4.08. Seriously, it leaves me scratching my head and saying to myself "How does Yahoo do that?" It's a true testament to good design if your site is that much backwards compatible.

But anyway, this current rendition of this site does work in Netscape 4.08. It's not perfect, but it does not crash the browser, everything shows up as it should and all pages work well. Kudos to me. (grin)

If you're feeling the need to run a really old browser, the best browser archive is The Netscape I used is here, look for "4.08navonly".

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