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X is dead

Periodically I do a search to see who's talking about what is "dead". 100% of the time these types of articles are written just to get web traffic, but they're still a fun read, as in good for a laugh.

Here's a few:

Here's my take on the deadness of the above:

Instant Messaging

IM'ing is still widely used. The problem is that idiots think IM means AIM, Yahoo or MSN. These idiots obviously did not take gaming into consideration. Every single MMO that exists has in-game chat, and it's used a lot. These same idiots also didn't take into consideration the business world. IBM would not bother offering a chat client if it weren't a value-add to enterprise.

Verdict: Alive.


Every fool who writes that email is dead either never mentions what's going to replace it (in which case it's not dead at all), or lists some social network which is enormously laughable since no corporation on the planet would even consider using a 100% external solution for internal communications. "Cloud" in reference to internet is a dirty word in enterprise; any idiot knows this.

There is nothing, repeat, nothing that can replace email. Yes, it's old as dirt. Yes, it's clunky in operation. But it works very, very well.

Verdict: Very alive and well.


This social network has been in "lifer" status since Facebook stomped them. A lifer site is one that's been around a long time and has a userbase that has officially deemed it a comfort zone. It also means the old users outweigh the new ones.

Some websites that are in lifer status do reinvent themselves and become fresh and new again. MySpace tried this, but ultimately failed and are on the fast track to becoming the next Friendster.

Verdict: Dying.


There are only two types of people who use Twitter. Techies and celebrities. That's it. In the beginning, Twitter was techie-only territory. Then The Oprah came and officially ruined it. And yes, that was when Twitter jumped the shark. Anything Oprah touches on the internet with her icy hand of doom never survives.

To this day, Twitter doesn't have a clue how to make money. Eventually the venture capital will stop coming in and the site will go under. Or it will be acquired. Chances of acquisition are slim because Twitter had their chance, and they scoffed at it. Dumb maneuver.

Verdict: Dying.


This destination is now as MySpace was right after they hit their popularity peak. The only buzz Facebook is generating these days is how badly they screw over their users by having seriously shady privacy practices - and that's bad.

If Facebook proved anything, it was that people appreciate a real identity and internet identity that are separate from each other. Tying it all together is something that people simply don't want. It's so bad that there are high-profile internet authors who have openly bolted from the system and done so unapologetically - right back to AIM and email.

Facebook will always have a high amount of users, but the fact a ton of users either abandoned the site, blanked their profiles or closed their accounts means the social aspect of the destination - which is the whole point of its existence - is worthless.

Verdict: Dying.


The top "web is dead" story of 2010 was definitely this one. And, oh, did it receive a response. A big fat negative one. That alone proves the web isn't dead, because if it were, nobody would have bothered replying, posting comments, etc.

Where Wired completely missed the mark was with trying (and failing miserably) to define what the web is. Sure, they had fancy charts and whatnot, but the truth is that the article was so misleading it wasn't even funny. I'm sure they were all smiles and high-fives in the Wired office for ticking off the entire internet, even if only for a brief while. I'm sure the advertising revenue was more than worth it.

The point is, however, that the web isn't dead. Not by a long shot.

Verdict: Alive and well.

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