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yes, i know what a power attenuator is

Recently I've been getting into some fairly nerdy, as in music-gear-nerdy, discussions on my Facebook community page. I don't think I've had discussions like that in.. geez.. has to be at least 5 years or more.

Music gear talk is really wide and diverse and decidedly nerdy. It's nerdy because there's a ton of technical stuff and organic stuff involved. Technical as in weighing the pros and cons of tube/valve over solid state and vice versa, organic is in discussing the physical properties of speaker cones and how they react to certain environments, and so on. It really is full-on nerd talk territory.

I was music gear nerdy way before I was computer nerdy. Heck, I was programming presets in synths and effects processors before I ever wrote and understood (keyword there) my first script on a computer.

I do sincerely like talking about guitar tech. Recording tech.. eh.. not-so much, but guitar tech yes because there's a million different directions you can go.

The coolest part about guitar tech is that there's always something new. Always. Whenever people think that every possible thing has been discussed at length when it comes to how to wrangle out new and different sounds, well, think again.

Guitar tech is just cool to talk about, or at least I think so. It was neato mosquito to talk about it online with people that actually, y'know, get it in the same flavor of style that I play.

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