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yet more proof that musicians are stupid

I was talking to a drummer I know the other day and he said he does use BandMix from time to time to get in contact with other musicians.

Something like ten zillion years ago I posted a profile on there but nothing really came of it because, well, I was in Connecticut; a place that's not exactly the hot spot for musicians.

Yesterday I said fuggit and reg'd an account again since I'm living in Florida now. My account basically says nothing (I didn't feel like filling it out.. just being lazy) so I just posted a few of my YouTube vids there. I figured that's fine until I put in a better description later on.

I got a few responses. All of them sucked.

One was from a soft jazz musician. I don't do jazz.

Another was from some guy that sent me a set list and all the songs sucked. Yes, it was nice of him to do so, but once again, the style didn't mesh whatsoever.

The ones who contacted me never bothered to really think about the style I do at all. See, the deal is that my vids of me playing show me verbatim playing what I like to play. Yet these dopes thought, "I'll just blast out a mail and maybe get lucky."

That's just completely the wrong way to make contact. The styles have to work.

Oh, and one of them who contacted was a classic pitcher. "We've got connections." "I know people." Uh-huh. Suuuure you do. 🙂

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