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you are an actor on a stage

At the tail end of this month I will be heading to DisneyWorld with Pop and sis for the first family Disney vacation since over 20 years ago. The tickets were bought today.

As a Florida resident you get a nice big fat discount when purchasing from the theme parks in this state; something much appreciated.

I have to call the ticket hotline tomorrow so I make sure the tickets arrive before sis gets here. 😉

. . .

While getting my tires installed on my truck yesterday I was sitting in the waiting room. Someone else was there and we started chatting. He happened to be a Disney employee. Nice guy.

We spoke about how Disney operates and it turned to the subject of employment at that company. The way in which he described the hiring process can be summed up in one phrase: "You are an actor on a stage."

It doesn't matter if you're a supervisor or a janitor. If you work in the park, you absolutely must uphold the friendly family tradition that is Disney. For those who treat a Disney position as "just another job", it's more or less guaranteed you won't be there long. One bad comment by one employee to a patron can turn them off from the park for life. I can totally understand that.

. . .

I'm wondering how much Epcot center has changed since the last time I went. I'm wondering if the place will still hold the magic for me as it did when I was a kid.

Will my view be changed now that I'm an adult? Of course it will - but I'm hoping the magic is still there.

I'm sure it is. I have faith in that. 😀

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