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YouTube adventures with the semi-broken branding intro feature

Being I'm still active on the YouTubes, I periodically have adventures there. Here are a few of the more recent ones with the newly introduced branding intro feature.

Starting this month, May 2014, YouTube introduced a feature that allowed you to place a 3-second intro to all your videos; this feature is called a "Branding intro".

I made one, and this is it:

I purposely set the video as unlisted because, well, it's just an intro. And for those wondering, yes, the chord you hear is me on my Jazzmaster. It took a few takes to get it just right.

The above video is now automatically tacked on as an intro to every new video I post.

But it's my old videos where things got interesting.

I have a lot of videos on my channel going all the way back to 2006, and YouTube obviously had no "HD" at that time. Heck, at that time there was a 10-minute time limit for videos and 480p wasn't even supported, never mind 1080p. Did 1080p even exist in 2006? I don't know.

Anyway, for my branding intro, I decided to render it in full 1080p HD since it was only 3 seconds long and wouldn't take long to upload.

Here's what happened when I attempted to apply the intro to all my old videos.

On several videos, the intro didn't take. Something internal to YouTube screwed up, the intro didn't apply, and, well.. it didn't work. And in fact, my latest video has been showing a "Applying intro" in the Video Manager ever since I uploaded it. It is, for all intents and purposes, stuck. Yes, the video plays. But the intro at the moment is in permanent-intro-being-applied mode. Weird.

For the videos where it did take, it upscaled them all to 1080p HD.

What this means is that the internal YouTube system would take a video, even if the original copy was in 240p, and upscaled the entire thing to 1080p. Now I have videos from back in 2007 that are in "fake" 1080p format, like this one:

That's a video I uploaded in 2006. In 240p. I know this for a fact because I still have the digital camera I used to record the video with, and I know the native format was 240p. But check out the play options. 1080p is there. YouTube did that when it applied the branding intro to the video. A 1080p native version of this video never existed, yet there it is. YouTube made one.

No, the video quality did not improve. It's a "fake" upscaled 1080p from 240p.

And yeah, this means that for the time being, any video I upload will automatically be upscaled to 1080p by YouTube when the branding intro is auto-edited in.

I mean, this isn't, like... bad or anything. Just weird. Oh well.

If I had made my branding intro video in 240p, would YouTube have downscaled all my videos? That would be bad. A fake upscaling I can deal with. But a downscaling would royally tick me off, because I have several in true 720p.

Oh, and the "Apply to uploads after a specific date" is totally broken:


"NaN, NaN" shows where a date should be. The feature doesn't even work. You either have to apply the intro to all videos or no videos.

Yes, I emailed YouTube support about this, as I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed this bug.

Oh, and that "Branding intro is currently bring processed on 1 video" thing? Yeah, that's the 'stuck' video:


It's been "Processing intro..." since it was uploaded. And no, I can't cancel it because there's no option to do so. It's like I said, the thing is totally, absolutely stuck.

Well, at least the video plays. 😛

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