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Yesterday I got back into Tampa a lil' after noon. I wrote up a few articles and did a video for work. After that I called a neighbor who had left me a voice mail stating he knew where I could get an inexpensive washer/dryer set for $150.

I said if he wanted to get together he could call around 5 or 6pm and I should be around. Well.. that didn't happen because I was up since 1am of the previous day and around 5-ish I turned off my cell phone and slept. I had to because I was just way too tired and didn't want the phone ringing waking me up.

My neighbor probably doesn't think too kindly of me at the moment (he probably called), so.. I'll have to do some damage control tomorrow. 🙂


At the moment I'm still in night-owl phase. I shift back and forth from day-person to night-person like clockwork once every 3 weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to shift myself back to day-person mode because to be honest this all-night crap annoys me. I prefer being a day-person but sometimes crap happens (like the dentist thing) that causes me to shift back.

Ah well.. what ya gonna do.

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