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For some stupid reason I'm up at four in the morning. I haven't slept yet. Ugh.

I was supposed to do a lot of packing yesterday but didn't and blame that one on a bout of laziness. Today (after I sleep and get up again) I will be packing like crazy. Fortunately I have most of the essentials already stowed in the truck. All I have left is clothes, some small electronics and other odds and ends.

Even though I can write this now, it has still not quite sunk in that I will be leaving Connecticut and never coming back (to live, anyway). I mean, sheezis... this is intense. I think it's really gonna hit me the first night I sleep in Maine.

My sister e-mailed me earlier yesterday. I guess we both finally have something we both share. We both moved for the same primary reason: escape. I never quite thought about it like that, but she's right. Granted, the motives are different, but the "get me the hell out of here" reason is the same.

I tossed a coin earlier (yes, I do toss coins) and asked the deities above whether I would be fiscally successful in Maine. I called tails for yes, heads for no. It landed on tails. That 1974 penny is now my lucky penny and I've stuffed it into my wallet so I have it whereever I go.

Trust a penny for good fortune? Sure. Why not?

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