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yeah, safety razor blade brand actually matters

I switched over to DE shaving, which means shaving using a double-edge blade using a safety razor. This is something I started doing about six months ago, stopped using the cartridge razor (I used to use Gillette Sensor 5), committed to it, and have not used a cartridge razor on my face since.

Initially, I thought that blade brand wouldn't matter all that much and tried several just to be sure.

I was wrong. Blade brand does matter.

It is funny however which blade agrees best with my face.

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things i've learned after using linux for a year

June of '23 was when I officially switched over to Linux. It's now June of '24 as I write this, and yeah, I'm still using it. My flavor of choice is Kubuntu LTS, which means Long Term Support. I specifically wanted that because I am not a distro hopper. Some who run Linux change their OS every week. I didn't want that. All I wanted is something stable and reliable so I could get my computing stuff done.

I still do keep a spare Windows 10 laptop for just two things. Garmin GPS updates and printing. That's it. The Garmin Express software is Windows or Mac only and that's the way it's more or less always been. Yes, people have been screaming at Garmin to release a Linux version of Express, but they've never done it and probably never will. And as for the printing stuff, this is actually something I could get working in Linux, but I don't bother given how infrequently I print anything. It's not that much of a hassle to put a document on a USB stick, turn on my Win10 laptop and print that way.

What's the best part about Linux?

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how to make a precise GIF animation loop from a video clip

Yeah, I still do this because it's fun. However, I've changed the way I go about it so I can get ultra precise loops.

There are only two tools required to do this, mpv media player and FFmpeg. And yes, we will have to go to the scary command line to make this work correctly. When you want precise loops, that's what you have to do.

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