i'm very happy this printer type is still being made

Many moons ago, I got exposed to one of the best damned printers ever made, the HP LaserJet 4 Plus. People love this thing so much that they are STILL reconditioned and sold on eBay to this day, STILL have new toner cartridges manufactured for them, and STILL have repair kits and replacement parts made to fix them. That's the staying power of the HP LaserJet 4 Plus. It's that good even though it was made 30 years ago.

What made the HP LJ 4+ so good is that it just worked. Black-and-white printing only, reasonable print speed and rock-solid reliable. They were built for office use and cranked out print after print with no complaints.

But can you get this with a new printer now for the home?

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Casio WSB1000 has one fatal flaw

On paper, this thing sounds darned near perfect. But there's one thing about it that's not-so good. Bad, in fact.

I really like that Casio has been introducing a good amount of squared-off digitals lately. There's nothing wrong with round, but LCD digits by their very nature are angular, so a square/rectangle shape totally works with it. The WS1700H is a good example of that, as that model is big, square, and not sorry about it.

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online shopping is required in this modern clown world

Certain events happen in my life that prove to me yes, this modern era is just plain dumb sometimes.

Spiral bound memo pads in 3x5 size, with the spiral being a metal coil. A simple thing. It's been around a very long time. The spiral bound notebook itself has been around since the 1930s. I don't know how long the 3x5 size of this has been around, but it has to be at least 70 years.

My preferred style of this memo pad is with the spiral on top of the page. It's easier to tear off pages and use either side of a page without the spiral getting in the way.

What do they look like?

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