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About Rich Menga

Quick general info

My name is Rich. I write, play guitar, take photos, make videos and do other things. is my personal site.

Contacting me: See the contact page.

Quick business inquiry info

See contact page for my email address to contact me.

I am fairly open-ended when it comes to business inquiries. Send your idea to me, and if it's something I can work with, I'll reply back in kind.

Yes, I can do sponsored content. Yes, I can do sponsored product reviews if what you have is something I can actually review. If you have something different in mind, send your idea my way. If you are located in or near the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area, I can also meet in person.

Linking and copying content from this site

Yes, you can link to this site.

Yes, you can link to articles on this site.

Yes, you can partially copy article content up to 50 words, but only if you provide a link back to the original article here. (Forum moderators prefer that you do this, not just for articles from here but from any site.)

Sending donations

Follow this link to send a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated.

More info

I was born in the mid-1970s back when disco music, bell bottoms and mood rings were all the rage.

I'm originally from New England (Connecticut, specifically) where I lived until 2006. I then moved to Tampa Bay Florida and lived there for almost 13 years. In late 2018, I moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. For the curious that want more nerdy detailed info on that, see the stats page.

I first registered in 1999 but didn't start writing things here until 2004 when I discovered this newfangled thing called blogging. After a while, I started posting more articles about guitars and music and have been doing that ever since.

I've been playing music ever since I was 6 years old, and got my first guitar in 1990. But well before that I was playing workstation synthesizers (keyboards) so I also play that too from time to time. A full list of my gear is on the gear page.

I do hold a college degree in Video & Radio Communications.

I first got on the internet in 1996. Yes, that long ago. I remember the days of dial-up internet, Netscape Navigator, IRC chatting, GeoCities, Usenet Newsgroups and so on. I even sometimes watch internet videos on old computer hardware just because I think it's interesting. Yeah, I'm a nerd. Sometimes.

In my former life I did work for large corporations. Some of the jobs I had were PC Technician, on-site laptop tech, phone support rep and laptop repair tech. I've also worked for smaller companies and held the position of senior editor. For one company I did tech-based articles and videos, and for another I did music-based (concentrating on instruments) articles. In those jobs I also managed large social media pages, newsletters with tens of thousands of subscribers (which included sales newsletters) and so on. I could write a tome on all the stuff I know how to do, but that would be quite a boring read.

There is no ability to post a comment on this site because forums and social media are best for that sort of thing. If you want to copy a link from here over to Facebook, Twitter, forum or whatever, go right ahead.

Got a question, comment or suggestion? Email me.

Want to be notified of when I post new articles here? See the contact page where all my social stuff is. I post links to new articles regularly in those places.