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Cheap guitar of the week #35 - Ibanez Paul Stanley PS40 Signature

Ibanez PS Series PS40 Paul Stanley Signature

This guitar is worth buying - but not because Paul Stanley's name is on it.

One of the absolute coolest guitars that Ibanez has ever released has been the Iceman model.

This is a modern Iceman, the IC520:

Ibanez Iceman IC520

Why bother with a PS40 when you could get the IC520 instead?

Two reasons.

First, the PS40 is $400 cheaper than the IC520.

Second, the PS40 is the absolute cheapest way to get an Iceman shape that's an actual Ibanez guitar.

Is the PS40 a "true" Iceman? No. You'll notice the electronics are different along with a few other things. The point is that you do get that Iceman shape on an actual Ibanez guitar for the cheapest possible price.

Hate "signature" guitars but love the Iceman shape?

No problem. The PS40 is fairly easy to "de-Stanley," as the only two things on it with the dopey signature stuff are the pick guard and truss rod cover plate, both of which can be modified easily or just removed.

Without the dopey Paul Stanley crapola, the PS40 is actually a cool guitar. And like I said, it is the cheapest way to get a legitimate Iceman shape by Ibanez.

Is the guitar any good? I've no idea. But even if the guitar is crap, it's worth it just to get an actual Iceman shape. Remember, the IC520 is $400 more, so even if you have to spend a little to fix up the PS40 after buying it, you're still saving huge.

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