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World's Fastest Turtle

This video originally did not have the soundtrack you hear on it now. YouTube has this thing where you can replace the soundtrack with something else and it just happened to exactly fit where the cue was supposed to be where the tortoise does his thing.

FAQ on this video:

Q: Are you sure that's a turtle?

A: I know now it's not a turtle; rather a tortoise. But I keep "turtle" in the title anyway just to tick people off. 🙂

Q: Do you have proof it's "World's Fastest"?

A: Obviously not. It's a JOKE because turtles are SLOW.

Q: Why "Lightning Green"?

I thought of what name would say "fast" that sounded turtle-y, and Lightning Green was it.

Q: Is the video sped up?

A: NO.

Q: Did you agitate the tortoise to get it to move?

A: NO. It was sitting (as well as a tortoise can sit) in my Pop's front yard. I saw it, grabbed my camera and started filming. When I got to within 10 feet of him he "ran" away. Never even touched him.

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