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New TV

Tomorrow I will be picking up my first new television set in about five years. I think it's five anyway. I wanted to get a thin/flat/whatever television because I hate lugging heavy television sets around. My last tv, a 27" Sony, didn't break. I had to leave it at my old apartment because the thing weighed a ton. Woe be to the one whoever has to move that monster. I'm sure whoever has it now enjoys it, but honestly speaking I don't miss it. The thing was just an accident waiting to happen.

I wasn't able to get a 26" wide/flat screen like I wanted but I got the next best thing, which is a 26" CRT-based HD compatible television. It's not nearly as heavy as the Sony was. Until I get a homestead of my own I'm sticking with the 27"-and-under tv sets.

Some people for some strange reason thing a 26" television is small. It's not. It's actually the correct size for most living rooms and bedrooms.

Two people I knew previously both decided to go with the super-colossal television sets. One bought a 52" projection monster, the other had a widescreen projection set that was nearly as large. Probably at least 48". Both these guys have small living rooms and you're literally sitting less than ten feet away from the screen. Your eyes constantly have to shift back and forth just to encompass the whole picture. That, dear readers, is too damned big.

The guy with the widescreen set wisely got rid of it. He realized it was just too much and went with a 36" regular CRT television instead. While that's still too big for his living room, it's better than what he had.

The guy with the 52" tv-beast still has it as far as I know. It's huge, it takes up way too much space and the sheer size of it doesn't make movie watching an all too enjoyable experience.

26" is fine for me. And it's widescreen. I'm looking forward to getting it tomorrow.

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I just realized something. It's New Year's Eve.

Man has this year flown by... it just seems like one big blur. I've lived in a total of four locations (including where I am now), had extreme joy, pain, sadness, depression, confusion and just about everything else you can think of all wrapped into a memory at this point.

It's just.. amazing. Amazing how things are when time passes.

The launch arriveth

(And I know arriveth isn't a word, smarty-pants)

Just launched the biz site. Came out quite nicely if I do say so m'self. 😉

Will it be profitable? Only time will tell.

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