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Lekato Looper Review with audio import tutorial


Lekato reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review a product of theirs. I said yes, and I'm glad I did.

Full disclosure: Lekato sent me the pedal for free. While they did not pay me, they did send me a pedal at no charge, so you can consider this a sponsored review.

The link to the pedal is here, and the Lekato Amazon store where they have a whole bunch of other recording and guitar stuff is here.

This is going to be different than other looper pedal reviews in that it will also include an audio import tutorial. But before getting into that, let's talk about the looper pedal I chose.

For the price this pedal sells for, you do get your money's worth. The pedal worked out of the box and it's very easy to get along with. Loopers are supposed to be easy, and this one definitely is.

The case is metal and the pedal overall has good weight to it. This combined with the rubber feet on the bottom means it won't go sliding all over the place, which is nice.

The footswitch, knob and button are actually really nice. Usually it's the case where the footswitch is too stiff or too loose. The Lekato pedal got the footswitch just right on theirs. It can be operated by hand (for on-the-desk use) or by foot with no problem at all.

It is easy to read the pedal display from a standing position, which is a huge plus.

I do like that the pedal has undo and redo. Many loopers have undo. but not too many at this price point have redo. This one does.

The "sync" feature (which means "start recording when it hears audio") is a nice thing to have. I consider it mandatory on any looper, this pedal has it, and it works great.

The only thing I can think of that some may not care for is that the pedal I chose supports a maximum of 3 loops, however, there is a 9-loop version. Does it cost more than the 3 loop version? Yes, but the price still stays nice and low. If you need more than 3 loops, get the 9; it appears to operate the same as the 3 does.

This pedal is quiet (meaning not noisy), operation is easy, and again, you get your money's worth with this. Other loopers that sell for way more than do way less.

I can genuinely recommend the Lekato looper. It's better than other loopers that barely have any features at all, and for the features it does have, you won't be spending hours learning this thing. All it takes is a few minutes. Again, it's easy, and easy is good.

Importing audio

The video tutorial below shows the start-to-finish process of importing audio into the Lekato looper, but here is a basic rundown to make an audio file work with the pedal:

Download and install Audacity.

Bring an audio file into Audacity, be it MP3 or WAV.

Resample to 48000Hz by clicking Tracks > Resample, select 48000Hz, and click OK.

Mix stereo to mono (if necessary) by clicking Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo Down to Mono,

Set the bit rate to 24-bit by clicking the audio track header > Format > 24-bit PCM. If you can't find this, the video below shows it.

Export to WAV by clicking File > Export > Export as WAV. The file name has to be named 1.wav, 2.wav or 3.wav for the Lekato pedal to read it properly.

Copy the WAV to the Lekato pedal.

Power on the pedal, select the loop and play.

Again, if you are unable to follow one or more steps above, watch the video below. I go through every step of the process.


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Lekato reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review a product of theirs. I said yes, and I'm glad I did.
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