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Are guitar necks getting worse?

You can't treat a mass-produced guitar like an iPhone and expect it to work...

...but that's how most guitar manufacturers treat their guitars.

A new iPhone is never opened after it leaves the factory after it has been sealed until you get it. This is normal.

Treating guitars the same way where there are no quality inspections after it leaves the factory is seriously stupid. But that's the norm.

What can do you to avoid this?

You have options.

Option 1: Buy Schecter.

Every Schecter guitar sold in the USA is inspected by a real live human in the United States for quality issues before being shipped to the retailer. Whether you get a USA or Asian built Schecter, they all get the same proper treatment. Every guitar is inspected at least twice, even for their low-cost models.

Option 2: Get tools and learn how to use them.

Get a fret rocker, notched straight edge, sandpaper, watch a bunch of YouTube videos and learn how to level frets, file sharp edges and so on.

Option 3: Source a professional grade neck

Warmoth. It won't be cheap. The neck you want will probably cost at least $300. But it will be as perfect as it gets.

Published 2020 Mar 3

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