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My take on Casio Oceanus watches

Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000-2AJF

I don't talk about Casio Oceanus watches for basically one reason. They're not sold in America.

There are cheap Casio watches and then there are expensive models. Most people think the only expensive Casio watches that exist are upper tier G-SHOCK models.

Well, there's another line Casio makes which are definitely built to be luxurious-but-tough timepieces. Oceanus models. This is a tier (if not several tiers) higher than the Edifice models. Casio Edifice is not top-end, as you can get one for just 30 bucks. Where Oceanus is concerned, they usually start at $400 and top out in the thousands.

There aren't a lot of Oceanus models (a total of about 15,) but every one of them is gorgeous. There's not a single one that looks bad. Every model has a titanium super-light bracelet, of which I believe all are slide-adjustable (like a Rolex Submariner's bracelet is.) Every model is true 100m water resistant. Every model is solar powered. Every model has at least 2 subdials. Every model has atomic timekeeping for perfect timekeeping accuracy.

The main selling point of Oceanus is "The World's First Full-Metal GPS Wave Ceptor," which again boasts about its ultra-accurate timekeeping while at the same time offering some luxury with its case and bracelet materials.

I personally cannot wear an Oceanus because they're all big timepieces that are too large for my wrist. Most have a 44mm or greater case size. The nice thing however is that while Oceanus models are large, they're not big-for-the-sake-of-being-big. Every millimeter of size has purpose.

I've never seen an Oceanus model in person because they've never had a North American presence. As far as I'm aware, Oceanus is for Asian markets only. From the links above you'll see them on Amazon, but they're all Japan imports and that's par for the course.

I hope to at least get a look at an Oceanus model someday because they are very high-tech, high-end Japan timepieces. I can never buy it because the size is too large for me, but even in photos you can see a lot of attention has been put into the details of the design. It would be cool to see what a true luxury-built Casio really looks like in person.

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