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Cheap guitar of the week #41 - Ibanez GRG150LTD

Ibanez GRG150LTD

1980s "glam" style guitars are continuing to make a comeback.

What's old is new, as evidenced by the styling of the Ibanez GRG150LTD. This is your somewhat-above-basic shredder metal/glam guitar.

It does not have an EDGE system (Ibanez's version of a Floyd-Rose,) which I actually consider a good thing. Other than that, this guitar hits all the right marks for a glam guitar. HSH pickup configuration, simple controls, thin neck, 24 frets, "wild" styling.

Due to the lack of a Floyd style vibrato, this guitar will in fact last longer. Why? Because on a cheap guitar, the Floyd vibrato is always the first thing to break. This guitar doesn't have it, hence why the guitar will last longer overall.

Now of course, this guitar is screaming, "LOOK AT ME!" You play this, and you will get noticed. This is totally a glam styled guitar that's meant to grab attention.

The look is obviously not for everyone, and that's pretty much the whole point. A guitar like this is purposely made to look obnoxious, because that's part of what glam style is.

I am suspecting that the glam style will continue to find its way into more models as time goes on. And who better to do it than Ibanez, who was a force to be reckoned with back in the '80s?

Thankfully, there will be one huge difference this time around with glam guitars. They'll be priced cheap.

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